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Spirits from a new perspective

Our combined decades of experience in the drinks industry brings together a wealth of knowledge and experimentation at Elixir Distillers. What sets us apart is our approach: we marry traditional techniques with modern insight to create delicious spirits from a new perspective.

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Greater than the sum of their parts

Blending is an art; distillation is a science. We believe that great ingredients can be crafted into even greater spirits when combined in the right proportions. If we can achieve this in a balanced, harmonious and complex way, only then will we bottle them under the Elixir Distillers name.

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Passionate about spirits

The quality of the liquid is at the heart of everything we do. Every member of our team is a spirits enthusiast and we are constantly looking to produce the world’s next great drink. Quite simply, this passion is why our brands have become so popular around the world.

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