Portintruan Distillery

Our in-progress Islay distillery, which is to be called Portintruan, first broke ground at the end of 2020.

Located just outside the town of Port Ellen on Islay’s south coast, Portintruan is pronounced Port-nah-truan. We have taken its name from the historic farm estate where the distillery is located and means ‘place of the stream’.

Portintruan will be where the past meets the future, combining these old-style production techniques with modern technology to improve process and quality, and of course sustainability. Sustainability is a big factor in our plans for Portintruan. Working within what is currently possible on Islay, we want to be as green and as responsible as we can. We are talking to the Islay Energy Trust, our fellow distillers on the island and suppliers to ensure we take all opportunities to be greener.

Works are well underway on the distillery site, and we are very excited to continue our journey from bottler and blender towards distiller with Portintruan, where we anticipate to begin distilling in 2024.


We welcomed Tormore distillery to the Elixir Distillers family in 2022.

Tormore was built in 1960. Historically known as ‘the pearl of Speyside’, the beauty and uniqueness of its architectural design were recognised in 1986 when the distillery was granted listed building status.

Tormore is one of the first distilleries you encounter when you travel north to Speyside. It is among one of the larger distilleries in Scotland with a capacity of just under 5 million litres of alcohol per year, providing us plenty of potential for long term growth, along with the aged stocks that came with it.

We foresee a bright future for Tormore. Our goal is to establish the reputation of Tormore on the global stage to match the special quality of the whisky. We plan to release a brand range that Scotland will be proud of. We will be refurbishing the distillery and we also plan to build a visitor centre.